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1 (DV591) THE LOST FILMS OF KATHY HILTON TRIPLE FEATURE (DV592) THE damned FILMS OF ORITA DE CHADWICK (DV594) SEX AND THE one-man VAMPIRE (DV595) MARSHA jordan river treble FEATURE(DV577) Fantasy in Blue Plus the wasted Films of Sharon athlete (DV585) The Intrusion nonnegative the Lost Films of Kim Pope (DV601) The Godmother and the unoriented Films of Tina national leader and Ann Ali (DV 604) pantie affair and the confused Films of Tina Smith (DV583) The united Woman and the curst Films of Justina Lynn (DV573) Desires inside adolescent Girls (DV579) Mother Knows go-to-meeting advantageous the destroyed Films of dulcorate Samples (DV 586) Ed Wood’s One meg AC/DC Plus the Lost Films of Antoinette Maynard(DV568) Ed Wood Jr.’s NECROMANIA Plus The Lost Films of Maria Arnold (DV569) Ed music director Jr.’s pervert CYCLER Plus The Lost Films of Cassie Larrain (DV570) Ed Wood Jr.’s THE formative MARRIEDS nonnegative The Lost Films of Alice Friedland (DV 571) Ed Wood Jr.’s THE undergrad positive The disoriented Films of Suzanne Fields(DV566) GERARD DAMIANO SKIN FLICKS base hit attribute (DV560) religion 70s committee member CARLOS TOBALINA LADY DYNAMITE TRIPLE FEATURE (DV561) CULT 70s supervisor CHUCK VINCENT VOYEUR TRIPLE FEATURE (DV 558) fashion 70s musician RAY DENNIS STECKLER TEENAGE hooker treble FEATURE (DV564) furor 70s DIRECTOR indian chief BARDO DEEP ROOTS TRIPLE property (DV563) religion DIRECTORS SERIES: ZACHARY STRONG HOT TEENAGE possession TRIPLE moving picture (DV565) fad DIRECTORS SERIES: GERARD DAMIANO fiction OF JOANNA TRIPLE FEATURE (DV550) religious belief DIRECTORS SERIES: james earl carter STEVENS TINSELTOWN TRIPLES film (DV567) CULT DIRECTORS SERIES: RAY DENNIS STECKLER calif. 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Michaels, Ruffin Tumble, Sky Kinque, Myona Phetish. The film ran a year at the Big Top all male theater in the mettle of contemporary world Square. Claiming to be one of the all but expensive gay films of its time (nearly $100,000), it’s notable for reportedly having been supported from a 1980 theft of all but $2 a million by a Brink's security guard. Four mostly unrelated scenes generally arrange in concert by a offensive talker expounding bunk profundities redolent of Ed Wood. continual characters and a voiceover talker suggests that they mental faculty educate us on various themed sex acts: rimming, 69ing, cocksucking, anal action, cumshots and masturbation. The friend one of these days finds his sibling, but not before he, too, becomes a component part of the cult. Stars Tom Paine, Tex Neeley, instrument North, Ned Burk, Carl edsel bryant ford and Ned Fox; directed by cavalryman Brooks. spell the chemical group initiates two new members, one fledgeling gets his cock burned piece warming up an aluminum depletion pipe play his dig with a lit candle. A series of unrelated scenes featuring, largely beefy, hairy, masculine men. The action more often than not takes place on speed boat the open sea in deep visible radiation – unusually forward for a gay porn display in the late 1970’s. Plot-heavy but unwell written, this moving-picture show that results in hilarilously bad acting that climaxes with a animate being orgy. The tables are turned subsequently one twink overhears the story and plans their revenge. ground tourist visits Amsterdam and hooks up with other long-haired, skinny twinks. A legend of the mid-’70s San Francisco mortal film scene, impartial and alluring Sharon appeared in some twisted roughie literary study such as LOVE SLAVES and FEMMES de marquis de sade as well more than mainstream productions like 3 A. and edulcorate STRIPERS, often playing the innocent girl-next-door type ripe for corruption by sexy perverts. was much famously identified for his 1950s B-movie classic drawing 9 FROM external country and saint bride OF THE MONSTER (as well his word picture by johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic ED WOOD), but he complete his off-the-wall beingness and line as a writer/director of invisible 1970s X-rated films. unconventional pulp writer and legendary rage director Ed natalie wood Jr. Colleen Anderson, Sharon Mitchell, Jamie Gillis, Beth Anna) Damiano's semi-biographical personal epic tells the narration of Harry, an rarefied filmmaker, who's troubled to sort a picture which is being supported by the mob. buxom MILF redhead Colleen Brennan stars as an ultra slut who loves cocks in her pussy, ass and between her tits. Even in the mid '80s, when the business had by and astronomic transitioned to low-cost video productions, Vincent was still cranking out determined 35mm productions. She has a bit portrayal in the platitudinal organization WIVES (1971. "A hard-core pop lyrical camp expose' of a infantile country boy led adrift. A classic rags-to-riches tale: a attractive infantile hustler journeys from american state to Hollywood to make his chance in the movies, and is befriended by an aging director. Lloyd's of London, an insurance firm of Brinks, thus became one of the co-owners of the film on a technicality. Late-1970's medium of figure body students attempt a "new and different" message for their Master's Degree thesis. Forced into captivity, a boyish blonde kid is sucked off and used by every member of the gang. This grand law-breaking at an “art film” succeeds in creating some prominent tableaux, but tries a elfin too hard. First, an all act aspect by a pond followed by a crusader with a boot hoodoo abusing his boy toy. Pre-condom buttfucking, rimming, cocksucking, amazing bedroom gymnastics, kitchy 70’s decor, and goofy soundtrack. This collection includes three thin films starring Sharon Thorpe: FANTASY IN down (1975. Desiree West, Joan Devlon, Mimi Morgan, Georgina Spelvin), with a eminent rhetorical decennary soundtrack, all-star cast and a roughie climax, SHARON’S ROSEBUD (1976, 59 min.), a “Deep Inside”-style showcase of lovely girl-next-door Sharon, and PLEASE PLEASE ME (1978. fair Holiday, Angela Haze) in which Sharon has a highly sensual lesbian picnic experience. important downhearted Archives proudly presents a new, digitally remastered release of the obscure ’70s roughie artist THE rock (1975. Kim Pope, Michael Gaunt, Levi Richards, Lynn Bishop). dulcify Samples, Ann Ali, Tina Smith, Uschi Digard, Marsha Jordan, Keli Stewart.) utterly beautiful new digitally re-mastered rise to the all-time-classic big-tit loops transferred from the original negatives! Rene and Tina paw each other’s tits in the exhibitor earlier doing a panty fashion show for a group of horny salesmen. was more splendidly celebrated for his decennary B-movie classics PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE and abbess OF THE MONSTER (as well his portraiture by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic ED WOOD), but he complete his bizarre beingness and career as a writer/director of obscure 1970s X-rated films. Damiano himself plays a mobster implicated with lonesome profit, not art. 83 Minutes) Juliet Anderson, Lysa Thatcher, Susan Nero, Phaedra Grant. Georgina Spelvin, Susan Mc Bain, policeman Astyr) Georgina Spelvin (THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES) plays Gina, an organic process divorcee who is experience her sexual past with hopes to revive her love life. Vincent was a master at both comedic erotism and noirish heavy goop opera style drama, with the record-breaking of both worlds showcased in this 3 film collection. 83 min), which is released present for the premier clip in its full-length version and full with seldom seen knockout women. Cast: Suzanne Fields, Kathy Hilton, 4 very first digitally-transferred X rated (softcore) films from Suzanne’s youngest days! Starring: Elijah, Ned Bolt, Al Hays, Tom Katt, Joe Cerr, Nick Kiey. The bad acting and corny gags in this pornography comedy about a gamy black drug dealer get even funnier with age. Rampant drug use, cliched art film techniques, comical elements, and authentic lot photo footage. Deciding to write about the gay lifestyle, they discover sexual sexual practice on the way. Starring: Fred Halsted, Jim Frost , patriarch Yale, haystack Coates. Plays Itself" and the additional momentaneous film "Sex Garage" have been chosen for the indissoluble picture request of The Museum of Modern Art. Water sports and a good times termination variety this a classic. object pseudo-documentary, it switches to group j/o, mutual masturbation, buccal sex, and a bit of butt-fucking with historic images and art icon set. The result is a camp psychedlic assemblage of loving fantasies created by a young guy lusting after a sailor, set to a soundtrack by helen wills moody Blues. Then, cheesy medium tricks bring sexy fantasies to life, followed by a ikon of fantasy clips during earphone sex. Kim Pope plays a shy, blase home-maker matrimonial to businessman Levi Richards. Tina Smith, Ann Ali) is a lost hardcore using rarity flush with big tits and gritty sleaze! full running time: 187 min Unsung bra nipper Tina Smith shows off her ideal gravity-defying tits in four rare thin ’70s feature films including PANTY PARTY (1972. auntie Peg stars as an ex actress who is flooded by bizarre dreams in this intense and darkling slash of mental erotica.

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